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Pielis-Golf is a beautiful 9-hole golf course, which is located in Nurmes, Hyvärilä Holiday Centre - in a shorefront of lake Pielinen. Unnecessary rigidity has never been part of the Pielis-Golf trade marks. Atmosphere in our golf club is known as relaxed and casual, where also visitors feel themselves right at home.

Usually our golf season starts at May and lasts till October. From end of May till halfway to July You can play golf around the clock, thanks to midnight sun. If You are looking for an accommodation close to our golfclub, we recommend that You visit Hyvärilä and Bomba. For teetime booking and further questions, please don't hesitate to contact our caddiemaster office; pielisgolf@pielisgolf.fi or +358 207 466785.

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PIELIS-GOLF LOMATIE 10 75500 NURMES    PUH: (020) 7 466 785   EMAIL: PIELISGOLF@PIELISGOLF.FISivujen toteutus: golfpiste.com